The Company

Marsh Models was formed in 1981 by John & Pam Simons initially as a kit building agency.
In 1984 we produced the first of our range of historic sports racing cars in 1/43rd scale. To date we currently have a range of around 150 different models.

The company was originally set up in the Romney Marsh area of Southern England hence the Marsh frog logo.  We moved to E Sussex in 1987 and are currently situated in a workshop on an organic dairy farm.

We are lucky to have Model Assemblies in an adjacent workshop as Pat Land, who has more than 25 years in the modelling industry and is one of the leading experts in model spraying, does all our preparation and spraying.  Whilst we have the resin bodies for our models produced by CMA Moldform, we produce all the white metal parts in house. 
In a world of bland uniformity, we believe in producing true hand made models to the highest standards.  Every model in our normal range is available in kit and built form with the builts being signed by John and with the newer releases now being limited to 100 builts only.  We also occasionally produce models that have been either signed by the designer or by the driver.  These are part of our Limited Edition range.
We also retail Model Assemblies and the Formula Models range.
We have recently introduced the Aerotech range of model aircraft kits initially starting with 1/72nd scale Luft 46 range but latterly producing a series of 1/32nd racing and record aircraft,
which have received critical acclaim.
Having been the company that introduced such items as photoetched interiors, photoetched wings and resin tyres, Marsh Models will continue to bring innovation and quality to the world of model cars and aircraft modelling.