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Updated on Sunday, November 1, 2020

We now have the early version of the Wolf Dallara available along with the first of 3 versions of the Frissbee GD-1. We do plan to produce at least another 3 versions.

We have now added the 1985 Group 44 Jaguar IMSA to our future releases.

The UK will go into a second Covid 19 lockdown from November 5th but we do not expect this to affect our production.

New releases...

MM308B15 - Frissbee GD-1 Unser

Al Unser jnr was the most successful of all drivers of this car and the model represents the winner of the 1982 Mosport race.

MM308B10 - Frissbee GD-1 Moran

Rocky Moran took his Frissbee to 3rd place at Mid Ohio in 1981.

MM308B4 - Frisbee GD1 Sullivan

This Frissbee was raced by Danny Sullivan although it is difficult to establish which race version this is.

MM305B2A - Wolf Dallara 1979

This car was raced by the Chris Amon in what is possibly his last race at Mont Tremblant. Not usually, for Chris, the car retired.

MM305B2V - Wolf Dallara WD-1

Gilles Villeneuve took over the Wolf and this is the car as raced at Watkins Glen but also had to retire.

AT32008 - 1929 Savoia S65

The Savoia Marchetti was built for the 1929 Calshot race and, although it turned up, did not race. Later, it was intended to be used to break the air speed record but crashed at Lake Garda in Italy killing the pilot, Dal Molin.

As always, we are open to your suggestions on what you consider would be good subjects for us to produce.

John and Pam Simons.