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Updated on Sunday, April 29, 2018

We now have some very colourful and spectacular versions of the private McLaren M8C. Also new is the unusual high winged McLeagle that seems to have been a failed experiment as it was not seen in this configuration again.

Also new are the MM292 series of private McLaren M1Bs' and MM287 Bruce McLaren M1a from the Brands Hatch 1965 Guards Trophy race that can be found at 'MODEL LIST'.

Coming next will be Alan Mann Ford Open Sport and 72/73 Ferrari 312PB that was used at Kyalami and as the 1973 Targa practice car. The next pattern to arrive will the the McKee Mk10.

New releases...

MM291 - McLeagle Gurney

McLaren 'McLeagle' Dan Gurney used for practice only at Laguna Seca 1968

MM289B15 - McLaren M8C Wonder

McLaren M8C Bill Wonder Mosport 1971 16th

MM28923 - McLaren M8C Kemp

McLaren M8C Charlie Kemp Mosport 1971 rtd

MM289B34 - McLarem M8C Dutton

McLaren M8C Tim Dutton Watkins Glen 1972 13th

MM289B55 - McLaren M8C McCaig

McLaren M8C Roger McCaig Road America 1970 rtd

MM289B57 - McLaren M8C Cordts

McLaren M8C John Cordts Mosport 1970 rtd

As always, we are open to your suggestions on what you consider would be good subjects for us to produce.

John and Pam Simons