Model Services
Some of Our Castings

We offer the following services so just contact us if we can assist in your project.

Full Model Production - Marsh Models has earned an enviable reputation as one of the leading producers of model cars in the world. We are now able to bring that experience to your project, to enable you to get the sort of quality model you expect. We can offer these in kit or fully finished form. We are not restricted just to model cars and can also produce aircraft models.

Production runs can be quite small and a quick production time can be expected.

Large Volume Production - We are one of the few UK model companies that can offer much larger production runs, 10,000 being typical. Projects of this size normally have a longer lead time, typically around 9 months.

White Metal Castings - Whether for model cars, aircraft, figures, trains or any other requirement, we can offer high quality castings either in short or long runs.

Resin Components - If you require your models to be in resin instead of white metal, we can provide top industry quality components.

Photoetched Parts - Using industry standard computer programmes, we can provide just etch artwork for your use or can provide the finished items in either stainless steel, brass or nickel silver down to.004" in thickness.

Decals - All we require is colour information and a body to work from and we can produce high quality decals for any field of modelling at very competitive prices.

If any of this is of interest, please contact John Simons at and we would be pleased to discuss any project you have in mind.